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Striping and Marking

Striping and marking services are offered by Glen Cove Paving, a reputable and competent company. On diverse paved surfaces, we are experts at painting lines, marks, symbols, and signage. Our commercial clients receive a wide range of services that include parking lots, roadways, and sports fields.

Glen Cove Paving can help with the precise striping of parking spaces, directional arrows, handicap insignia, fire lanes, and any other necessary markings in parking lots. We are aware of how crucial it is to have distinct, well-defined lines for organized parking and effective traffic flow.

For roadways, Glen Cove Paving has experience painting lane lines, crosswalks, stop bars, and turn arrows, among other road markings. On public roads, these markers help to improve safety and regulatory compliance.

Glen Cove Paving is also prepared to undertake services for sports court marking and striping. We can paint the lines and markings to fulfill the unique specifications of each sport, whether it's a basketball court, tennis court, or any other form of sports surface.

Glen Cove Paving offers top-notch work and lasting effects by using materials of the highest quality and hiring qualified specialists. As a result of our team's familiarity with pertinent laws and business standards, all markings are placed precisely and effectively.

Glen Cove Paving can offer you dependable and skilled help to fit your unique needs if you are a commercial client in need of striping and marking services for your paved surfaces our team is here for you. 

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