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Our Services


We install entire driveway, basketball area, tennis court or play area with quality asphalt. From planning to grading to finished product. We work with quality commercial grade materials and machinery to make your vision come true.

We also provide our customers with maintenance, repair and restoration of all asphalt. You can be confident that by hiring us, your local contractor, we will make sure your needs will be met. We are your neighbors; we are hometown people and we have our community at heart.

Quality Work at Competitive Rates


Smoothing Concrete


Stone Sidewalk


Paving Stones

Driveway Curing  and Timeframe

If you have us seal, repave and rehabilitate your driveway (which we hope you choose us) we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly. This includes making sure that the cracks are properly sealed with the correct sealcoating and most importantly cured. The sealant  will have to take a few hours, or a few days, depending on the depth to dry.

Once the cracks and holes have been repaired, we will properly seal the entire driveway, bringing back that beautiful black luster. With this step it too will have time to dry and sit for perhaps a few days. We often recommend to our customers to not use the area during this time so that we have the best results. If it is a driveway we are repairing, we recommend that you don’t park your cars on it for at least two days… But don’t worry Sea Cliffs neighbors… We’ll help you notify the Village, who often times gives will provide a special parking exception to park overnight while the repair is being done. See village code here: Village of Sea Cliff Parking Code.

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