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Glen Cove

Your Local, Trusted Paving Contractor-  Serving Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Glen Head,

Glenwood Landing, Locust Valley, Old Brookville and the surrounding communities. 

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Sidewalk by Glen Cove Paving

We are your hometown local masonry contractor for both residential and commercial projects. We use only the highest quality materials making sure your patio, driveway, pool deck etc. will last generations to come.

Have a new project in mind? We will work with you throughout the design process making your dreams come true and making your vision come to life.

Being a local Glen Cove business, we take pride in serving our customers like they are family, we are not a franchise. Our prices are compatible to any other company, but our professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched by any of our competitors. This isn’t a side business for us, this is our passion and many of our artists come from generations of skilled masons. Each one is highly skilled in working with brick, block, and stone.  

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, discuss your project and present you with an estimate.

Call us today.

We "cover" not only Glen Cove but the surrounding communities, including Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing,

Old Brookville, Roslyn, Greenvale and all of Nassau County. 

Asphalt in need of repair- Glen Cove Paving Services

Sure you could patch your driveway yourself but buying supplies from a big box store and slopping it on the driveway yourself over a holiday weekend might not be the best use of your time. Your time is more valuable and our services for this type of repair are extremely affordable… and believe us, this isn’t a

do-it-yourself project for beginners… it can get very messy.

Retaining Wall Construction

With years of experience in the industry, our skilled professionals are well known throughout the North Shore for the art and science of designing and constructing retaining walls. We have successfully completed numerous projects throughout the area, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality results that stand the test of time. Our retaining walls will enhance your landscape as well as maintain your landscape.

Customized Solutions

No two landscapes are alike, and we recognize the importance of tailoring our services to meet your specific yard. Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your needs as well as the needs of your landscape and yard. We will customize a retaining wall to meet the needs of your home as well as your design choices. Each of our walls is unique, as unique as the landscapes we work in and as unique as the customers we work with.

Quality Materials

We use only the finest materials to ensure the durability and longevity of all our retaining walls. Whether it's natural stone, concrete blocks, or other materials, we source high-quality products that not only enhance the structural integrity of the walls but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Our Retaining Wall Services Include:

1. Consultation and Design

Our experts work closely with you to understand your goals, assess your property, and develop a customized retaining wall design that works perfectly with your landscape and your design. We will make sure we make your vision a reality.

2. Construction

Our skilled construction team brings the design to life, ensuring precision and attention to detail in every phase of the building process. Using state-of-the-art materials as well as knowledgeable craftsmanship, we’ll help you build a wall that will last generations.

3. Repair and Maintenance

If you have an existing retaining wall that needs repair or maintenance, we offer complete services to restore your wall. Poor drainage. Improper/ outdated design. Incorrect materials used. Inadequate foundation. Lack of Reinforcement. Erosion and undermining. Poor construction quality or tree roots, we’ve seen and fixed it all.  

4. Drainage Solutions

Effective drainage is crucial for the long-term stability of retaining walls. We will inspect and advise on the drainage around your retaining wall, a critical reason for having one. Retaining walls keep water away from your home, make sure it’s in the condition to do it.

Premier Concrete Contractor

Delivering Customer Satisfaction as a Premier Concrete Contractor: Glen Cove Paving

In the competitive field of concrete construction, Glen Cove Paving stands out for its constant dedication to client happiness and superior concrete services. This renowned concrete contractor has been providing service to the Glen Cove region and the neighboring areas for many years, leaving a path of happy clients and completed projects in its wake.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

The founders of Glen Cove Paving had the vision to offer superior concrete solutions to all kinds of clientele, including those in the residential, commercial, and governmental sectors. The company has earned a reputation for precision and excellent workmanship in concrete construction thanks to its team of highly qualified employees and years of industry expertise.

Wide-ranging Offering of Services

Leading concrete contractor Glen Cove Paving provides a wide range of services that are specifically crafted to satisfy the various demands of its consumers. Their competence ranges from new concrete installations to repairs and upgrades, including:

Concrete Driveways: Glen Cove Paving can design concrete driveways that are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, improving any property's curb appeal.

Concrete Patios and Walkways: Their staff can make any innovative design idea come to life, whether it's a comfortable backyard patio or a useful walkway.

Concrete Foundations: The business's reliable foundation work protects the buildings' structural stability, opening the door for successful construction projects.

Concrete resurfacing: Giving any property new life by repurposing outdated and worn-out concrete surfaces.

Concrete Restoration & Repair: Taking Care of any damaged asphalt or concrete area. 

Client-Centered Approach

Glen Cove Paving's persistent dedication to client satisfaction definitely sets the company apart from its rivals. They place a high value on effective communication, comprehension of client's needs, and close client collaboration throughout the project. As a result, the business customizes its approach to produce solutions that are ideally tailored to the needs of each individual client because it thinks that every customer is unique.

High-Quality Materials and Modern Technology

Glen Cove Paving is aware that the tools and technologies employed form the basis of any project's success. Because of this, they only use concrete materials of the greatest caliber from reliable vendors. Additionally, to ensure effective and exact work, their staff utilizes cutting-edge equipment and keeps up with the most recent industry innovations.

Reliable and Skilled Workforce

Any construction project depends on the knowledge and commitment of the personnel to succeed. In addition to being specialists in their business, the team of qualified professionals at Glen Cove Paving prides itself on having a strong work ethic and an eye for detail. They continuously produce exceptional outcomes and go above and above for their client's thanks to their passion for perfection.

Customer Testimonials from Happy Clients

Glen Cove Paving has accumulated a large number of favorable evaluations and testimonials from pleased clients over the years. These endorsements attest to the business' unwavering dedication to producing outstanding results and cultivating enduring connections with its clientele.

Are You Seeing Cracks?

Small cracks or deep cracks we will take care of it for you, sit back and relax.  Call us for a free estimate before those cracks develop into a larger problem and you’ll have to have the entire area re-paved.

Take this tip from us, training the proper care and maintenance of your Asphalt is important. We, as experienced masonry contractors, can help with damage to walkways, driveway paving, aprons, or play areas.  

The cracks allow water to seep under the asphalt and flow into the earth below. Over time this water can cause portions of the blacktop to lift and in some cases dip or buckle. 

This can especially happen in driveways under your car’s tires. If you have an especially heavy vehicle, such as a truck or recreational vehicle, obviously the weight plays a factor in compromising of the location.

At Glen Cove Paving, we not only evaluate the area in question but also determine the best course of action and give you a FREE ESTIMATE with no obligation.  

Driveway in need of repair

Seeing Pooling and divots?

Just like on the golf course, divots are not a good thing when it comes to your driveway. Maybe a few years back your driveway or blacktop patio was a beautiful smooth luster and completely level. Now, perhaps over time, you are starting to see areas where it seems the asphalt has begun to sink- creating a bit of a hole. In addition, now, every time it rains you see all the water pool in that one area… Well, don’t panic, but don’t delay either… This happens and we’ve helped many, many, yes many, customers save their investment by repairing the area properly.

If left unattended these areas can end up as a pothole, which, although we could do it, would require much more material and work.

If you are seeing areas of your blacktop heaving or showing signs of distress? Are your patio pavers lifting or shifting? it’s time to address the issue, Don’t delay, call us today at 516-210-4282

The driveway the

Curb appeal of your home...

Your driveway is one of the focal points of your home, it should be in pristine condition.  Allow us to take a look at it and give you a free estimate on bringing it back to its original beauty. Installing a concrete patio is very popular not only here on Long Island but throughout the country. Whatever you choose, an asphalt concrete pavers, driveway, stone, brick, concrete or cement, the driveway is the most financially responsive and economical way to make your home accessible. Concrete is the most durable and requires the least amount of maintenance, compared to, say gravel or dirt. Even crushed stone and seashell driveways can become unsightly over time.

Keeping Up On Appearance 

Glen Cove Paving Services
Street Pavement by Glen Cove Paving

Ways For Proper Repair

Often, just filling the crack is, well, to put it bluntly, just throwing a BandAid on it. We suggest you GIVE US A CALL and allow us to evaluate the situation for a no-obligation estimate. If a patch is all you needed, we will use the best commercial-grade patching compound on the market to make sure the area is repaired correctly.

If you see that water is pooling in an area but it isn’t broken and it isn’t too deep, you are probably okay and just need patching.  As a certified concrete contractor we can evaluate the job and, in most cases, find that it just needs to be treated. Oftentimes, sloping or pitched areas can be rehabilitated making it level again.

You see, we have done many driveways, walkways, patios, etc. using cement and concrete but we have also found that the preferred material used on Long Island is asphalt. This material, sometimes referred to by concrete contractors as tar, is the preferred material for not only residential driveways and walkways but also roadways and commercial parking lots.  

We work with the best manufacturers and materials in the industry and make sure we have the right products available for any situation. If you have a large commercial parking lot or a small driveway repair, don’t hesitate to call us, your local contractor at 516-210-4282

Why Choose Us? 

We strive to be the best in this business when it comes to asphalt and concrete contractors in the Glen Cove, North Shore area. We have the state of the art equipment but more importantly, we have over 40 years of service to the community in this business.  We know the local weather, we know our climate and we know the issues that might arise. For example, if you have a concrete sidewalk that is lifting due to tree roots, we can help. We can perform concrete leveling and mud jacking with no damage to the tree. Feel free to give us a call on any project, we'd be happy to give you a FREE ESTIMATE of your project. 

Glen Cove Paving: Creating Beautiful Surfaces

Look no further than the knowledgeable staff at Glen Cove Paving for dependable and skilled paving services in Glen Cove, New York. We have established ourselves as one of the top paving contractors in the region thanks to our wealth of experience and commitment to excellence in workmanship.

In addition to serving both residential and commercial customers, Glen Cove Paving specializes in a broad range of paving jobs. Whether you require sidewalk repairs, parking lot construction, or driveway paving, our knowledgeable crew is prepared to tackle jobs of all sizes with accuracy and effectiveness.

The dedication of Glen Cove Paving to employing premium materials and cutting-edge industrial methods is one of the distinctive qualities that set us apart. We are proud to say are renowned in Glen Cove and the North Shore area for providing asphalt paving services that last a very long time. We are aware that a well-paved surface provides practicality and safety in addition to improving a property's overall aesthetic appeal.

Our committed staff at Glen Cove Paving spends time learning about the particular requirements and preferences of each client. Our crew has the skills to make your vision a reality, whether you want a traditional blacktop surface or a colorful patterned design. Every project is done successfully because of our rigorous planning and attention to detail, leaving clients delighted with the excellent results.

Glen Cove Paving offers a wide variety of maintenance services in addition to paving installation. We provide options to safeguard and increase the lifespan of your asphalt surfaces, from routine maintenance and seal coating to repairing and resurfacing. Your paved surfaces will stay in top shape with our trained professionals who are adept at spotting and fixing problems like potholes, cracks, and drainage concerns.

Glen Cove Paving takes pleasure in providing customers with timely and courteous service. We make an effort to finish jobs within the predetermined deadline since they recognize how important it is to cause the least amount of disruption to your regular schedule. Throughout the procedure, our helpful and courteous team is always prepared to handle any queries or worries you might have, offering outstanding customer service from beginning to end.

We at Glen Cove Paving are a well-known brand in the paving business in Glen Cove, New York. We are the first choice for all of your paving needs thanks to our crew's devotion to quality, careful attention to detail, and dedication to client satisfaction. Glen Cove Paving will expertly modify your surfaces, whether you're a homeowner, company owner, or property manager. 

How Big Are The Cracks?

When it comes to evaluating the repairs needed, a concrete contractor will measure the size of the cracks and make the repairs accordingly. If the crack is less than ½ inch wide we can use a filler. Once the filler is cured, we’ll return and seal the driveway bringing it back to a uniformed, clean and luxurious black shine.

If they are larger than a half inch, don’t fear, we have state-of-the art products that will permanently mend the great gorge (lol) to the point you’ll never know it’s there… and then once the filler has cured, we’ll return and seal the driveway restoring it back to a uniformed, clean and luxurious black shine.

Along with the estimate we will give you a complete timeline. Being a local concrete contractor you can rest assured that we will be in the area during the drying time, should any issue come up, we’ll come back that same day.

Cracks in the driveway. Glen Cove Paving Services
Our driveways hold up to all conditions. Glen Cove Paving Services
Snow and Ice- Glen Cove Paving Service

Other Elements

It’s not just the snow and ice that can cause damage to your blacktop area. The summer sun beating down on the blacktop, besides feeling hot on your feet, causes the tar to weaken the chemical bonding of the blacktop which can cause cracks.

Also, if you don’t have the proper border the blacktop might simply bleed out of the edges. Now this isn’t going to happen with just a few days of hot summer days, but over time it can pull the edges, causing cracks or damage. Let us take a look at your entire driveway, we can help you consider installing a border that will not only look good but will also help your blacktop stay in place.

Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice, as you can imagine, are the biggest culprits of damage to your driveway. Now don’t beat yourself up if you put salt  down. Don’t blame yourself  if you just brushed the snow off your car, throwing a pile on the back of the driveway where that hole seems to be forming… It’s not your fault it’s Mother Nature’s. Well, what we mean is, that snow and ice is always going to be a factor in area of the North East… although there is that Global Warming and climate change argument… but that’s not your fault either ;-)  Basically the elements and environment in New York, and especially on Long Island, present a situation where once in a while, you’ll have an issue with your blacktop. Routine maintenance and proper care of your driveway will keep it looking fresh as the day it was first installed. Again, it’s not your fault! Put down the salt and put the snow at the back of the driveway (not in your neighbor’s yard)… and then call us and we’ll make it like new again come Spring.

driveway in need of repair

You Need A Clean Area


Over the years we’ve seen some, well quite frankly, bad, bad, bad! repairs done by our so-called competitors. Think about it, the asphalt sealant needs to adhere to the area and dry smoothly. If the area isn’t properly cleared of debris, such as leaves, dirt, dust, sand or road salt, the material will not stick properly to the blacktop. We’ve seen quick-fix jobs with leaves simply painted over. We pride ourselves on making sure every paving project is done to perfection.

We take our time to make sure the area is prepped and ready for the blacktop insulation, a very important step. For example we do a process called, “grubbing” which is before fresh asphalt pavement can be applied, this process removes any roots that are left in the soil. The roots can interfere with the pavement. This process requires heavy machinery and will be professionally completed by our experts but it is an important step in the process. Just putting blacktop over untreated areas will result in poor quality results… We want the best for you and your project.  After all, we are your neighbors, here at GLEN COVE PAVING we believe in hometown service and making sure every project, big small or in-between is done right. When we see you in North Shore Farms or Stop-and-Shop we want you to give us a smile and remember the great job we did for you and your family.

Doing the Job Right

If you have us seal, repave and rehabilitate your driveway (which we hope you choose us) we’ll make sure the process goes smoothly. This includes making sure that the cracks are properly sealed with the correct sealcoating and most importantly cured. When working with concrete it is important to have the right concrete contractorThe sealant will have to take a few hours, or a few days, depending on the depth to dry. See “Driveway Curing Timeframe” under our question and answers section (FAQ).  

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a perfect decorative addition to your landscape. We have a variety of patterns and textures for you to choose from. With our patterns and many color choices, our customers love the results, often saying it looks so real. Stamped concrete is a perfect way to pave around pool areas and decks, patios, etc. The installation of stamped concrete and decorative concrete is also less expensive than brick, flagstone and even wood, making it well worth the investment. 

When Is The Best Time 
To Pave My Driveway

Glen Cove Paving is aware of the fact that paving your driveway represents a major investment in the future value and curb appeal of your home. The cost-effectiveness and durability of your driveway paving job might be affected by the timing you choose. So, what time of year is ideal for paving your driveway? We'll walk you through the important things to think about:

1. Environmental Factors:

The two seasons that driveway paving is most frequently done are spring and summer. The asphalt or concrete can cure more effectively in warm weather, resulting in a surface that is robust and resilient. These months often see less rain, lowering the possibility of delays brought on by inclement weather.

2. Temperature Is Important:

Avoid Extreme On Long Island, where we suffer bitterly cold winters, it's important to avoid paving in really cold weather. The appropriate curing process might be hampered by cold temperatures, which can result in cracks and shorter longevity.

3. Availability and Scheduling:

Be prepared: During the warmer months, paving contractors frequently have hectic schedules. It's a good idea to plan your project far in advance and hire your contractor early in order to get a slot that works for you.

4. Evaluate the condition of your driveway:

Repair requirements: Your driveway may require repairs before paving if it has severe cracks, potholes, or other damage. If you're planning to pave, you might want to schedule these repairs separately or alongside it.

5. Financial Factors:

Off-Peak Seasons: If cost is a major concern, you might be able to save money by planning your driveway paving project for off-peak times like late fall or early winter. But be wary of any weather-related problems.

6. Local laws and authorizations:

Verify Local Requirements: There may be rules governing driveway paving, including when and how it can be done, in various towns. Verify neighborhood regulations and acquire all required permits.

7. Seek advice from experts:

Expert Advice: Depending on your unique location and circumstances, there may be a best time to pave your driveway. It's wise to get advice from paving experts like Glen Cove Paving. We may evaluate your particular scenario, offer suggestions for the best time, and create a strategy specifically for you to fulfill your requirements.

At Glen Cove Paving, we're committed to providing driveway paving services that are of the highest caliber and endure throughout time. Our crew is available to make sure your driveway is skillfully paved and constructed to last, whether you're planning your project for the spring, summer, or another season. To arrange a consultation and begin your driveway paving journey, contact us right away. Our top concerns are your satisfaction and a lovely, useful driveway.

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